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Property Exchange Program (PXP)™

Through our Property Exchange Program (PXP)™, Four Springs Capital Trust allows owners of a single tenant net leased property or a portfolio of net leased properties to sell their properties to us in a tax deferred UPREIT exchange for our OP Units. Our OP Units are exchangeable for our common shares. We can also structure transactions to include cash and the assumption of in-place debt on properties, as well as our OP Units.
Note: All potential sellers should consult their own tax and other advisors before entering into an UPREIT transaction with us. We will pay commissions to licensed real estate brokers who present transactions that we close in our PXP, subject to entering into an agreement.

Benefits of Our PXP

  • Investors receive monthly distributions
  • Portfolio diversification
  • Potential for capital appreciation
  • Relief from recourse indebtedness
  • Professional management
  • No property management responsibilities
  • Tax and estate planning flexibility
  • OP Units can be converted to FSCT common shares
  • Ownership of OP Units is tax deferred until converted to FSCT common shares
  • Potential for stepped up cost basis